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Shorel'aran is Thallassian for Farewell.  I've enjoyed maintaining this blog for Emerald Dream but I simply cannot continue...  It's been about 2 years now since I've played World of Warcraft but I tried to make time to continue this endeavor...  Just cannot do it due to my business taking up most of my time these days. 

In a week or two, I will be deleting the entire blog.  I've decided to delete instead of hand it over to someone else for a variety of reasons.  One reason is that many of the players that are on here no longer even play.  It needs a refreshing, something I don't have the time to do. It would be better if someone just started it over but that someone is not me. Maybe some industrious player will start one again and surely do a better job than I did.

Just a few things about this blog for the curious:  

  • Started in 2011
  • Steadily grew to over 400 participants today
  • Over 1700 photos
  • Gets anywhere from about 100 to over 1000 views per day (depends on if someone mentions it in the ED message boards)
  • Gets monthly views of about 5000 to 12000 views
  • Total views to date are over 425,000
  • Most viewed participant of all time is Serena with almost 12,000 views 
  • Next popular were Lunalovebad, Vampy, and Flaizen
  • The adverts never made more than about $200 for the entire time! LOL

Keeping this blog has been a real eye opener.  I hope it helped to show other players that the people behind the game characters are real, and relationships are real, and feelings are real. There have been times when other players would try to post extremely hateful and hurtful comments (anonymously of course). That is why I monitored comments and I hope if someone else starts another blog they will also not let it turn into a tool for hatred.  

So thank you to Emerald Dream and thank you to the players who have sent very supportive and nice emails to me over the years. My memories of WoW go way back to beta, when I and my best friend decided to leave Everquest and try this new game. So glad we did.  We had so much fun playing the Death Twins back in classic WoW as night elves, had so much fun trying to defend Astranaar and the Alliance boats from Morttis and his horde friends, and especially just having so much fun meeting other players and exploring the world.

So thank you to everyone who was brave enough to post a photo of themselves and participate in this blog.  It's been fun!




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